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How retailers can overcome ‘system shock’ when upgrading their Retail Management Systems. When Furniture News, approached us to participate […]
The most overlooked cost item in ERP system selection During ERP system selection, the various costs and possible benefits […]
Traditionally, ERP implementations are complex, risky, long-lasting and expensive. Transferring knowledge to customers depends on precious and scarce consultants […]
Companies are looking for a short-term Return on Investment (ROI) when they invest in a new ERP system. Nevertheless, […]
Read the latest from our Expert Corner which is all about Power Apps and why you should learn more […]
Digital transformation gives you the opportunity to do the following:- Reshape your organisation. Modernise your business processes. Review how […]
Due to the pandemic, many organisations worldwide were forced to start using cloud solutions. Working from home became so […]
A substantial part of all customisations concerning ERP/CRM systems are not used anymore recently after the system has been […]
They are two crucial elements that define unsuccessful ERP/CRM projects. The first common mistake is wanting to change too […]
According to a recent survey, 80 per cent of CEO’s believe they deliver superior customer service. But only 8 […]

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