LS Retail Hospitality

LS  Retail Hospitality can support your business with the increasing trend for online and mobile ordering is changing the face of Retail Hospitality and Leisure.

enhance your service

While preparing food or serving drinks, we can provide solutions that help you understand and meet your customers’ needs

Whether you run a café, pub or quick service restaurant, your food service and every aspect of the customer experience needs to be fully up to standard.

  • Keep your customers smiling – LS Hospitality system’s are fast and accurate automatic data replication assures that your customers’ requests are sent directly from the server’s POS to the kitchen, reducing the risk of human error.
  • Timely orders, correct orders – Prepare dishes timely and in the right order thanks to the clear and highly intuitive kitchen management system.
  • Receive orders and payments from bar-side to table-side – Offer your customers an omnichannel experience with a breadth of mobility solutions, from online ordering to take-out, to mobile payment processing.
  • Have a bird’s eye view of your business – Check and analyse your performance in real-time with our all-in-one system for front- and back-of-house operations.
  • Increase the pace of your restaurant operations, without breaking a sweat – Speed up your staff and register operations thanks to our intuitive cash and POS graphic interface.
  • Slash your restaurant’s losses – Increase your margins by reducing your waste of food. Our system helps you decide how many dishes to prepare, as well as which ingredients to order.

LS Central Restaurant

A well-organized kitchen, where ingredients are used efficiently to produce dishes of top quality, with no delays or errors. This sounds like a dream to most restaurant owners. This is your daily reality when you use LS Central for restaurant and food service businesses.

LS Central with Microsoft D365 Business Central is a unified platform that gives you a clear overview over your whole operation, while facilitating communication in the restaurant. Send orders directly from the POS to the kitchen, speed up table turns, create menus centrally, decrease waste and operational costs, and delight your guests, again and again.

  • Fixed POS and or Mobile POS – Run your Point of Sale on computers, tablets, and mobile devices for faster and efficient service.
  • Direct POS-kitchen connection – Send orders from the POS straight to the Order Display Boards or kitchen printers.
  • Table management – Handle optimal seating and maximize table turnover with the graphic table management system.

Back-office management

Add and manage recipes from the back office, plan your purchases, set up meal deals, set prices for single dishes, menus and deals, and plan and distribute offers and promotions.

  • Manage menus and recipes – Enter, change, and manage recipes for all your outlets from headquarters.
  • Offers and promotions – From happy hour to breakfast deals, to discounts for specific customer segments, in LS Central you can set up the special offers and promotions that will best deliver returns and guest satisfaction.
  • Set and change prices – Set prices based on a number of parameters, including time, date, place, or unit of measure, and maximize your profit.

Kitchen Management

Streamline your kitchen operations, ensure clear communication with the front of the house, and prepare more dishes, more precisely, in less time.

  • Clear communication with front of the house – Let your kitchen staff free to focus on food preparation
  • Kitchen Display Systems – With a Kitchen Display System (KDS), your kitchen staff gets a clear overview of current and upcoming orders on screens in the kitchen.
  • Synchronized dish production – Ensure that all dishes in the same order are produced timely and delivered together

Staff management

Manage your staff efficiently, reduce manual tasks and cut costs. The staff management tools in the system help you plan staff rosters, estimate costs and compare estimates to budget to make sure you are always operating in profit.

  • Reduce manual work and mistakes – Eliminate manual tasks, and reduce duplicated work, errors, and time wasted.
  • Optimize staffing – In LS Central, it is easy for management to adjust role budgets, plan and distribute staff rosters, oversee, and approve work hours throughout the whole business.
  • Analyse staff performance – Keep your staffing costs in check. With time registration, budgeting, and planning information in the same system, it’s easier to calculate your costs.

Reports and advanced statistics

Gain a clear overview of business performance in real time. Analyse sales in your locations by POS terminal, staff member, item, or time of the day. With a unified system that collects all the data you need in a single database, you can crunch data, track KPIs, and take decisions knowing that your actions are based on information that is accurate and complete.

  • Track your KPIs – Monitor the most important performance indicators for your business, reduce waste and costs and increase throughput and guest satisfaction.
  • Apply Business Intelligence – With LS Central you get all the data and visualization capabilities you need to effectively assess your operational performance and take effective business decisions.
  • Analyse performance in your kitchen – Use the Kitchen Display System to gain real-time reporting of performance in your kitchen, and act quickly when issues arise.

LS One for Hospitality

LS One Hospitality is the restaurant management system that fully responds to the needs of small to large restaurants and food-service businesses. If you already have an ERP system and need an innovative POS solution for your restaurant LS One Hospitality is the right product for you. Feature-rich and flexible, LS One Hospitality easily communicates with any ERP, thanks to its intelligent integration architecture.
Use LS One Hospitality as your front office, to take care of your orders, sales and customer-facing tasks. All your pricing, offers and menu data seamlessly flow from the ERP to the POS system, so you can be sure that the POS always display the most updated information on items and prices. At the same time, the POS send real-time sales and order information to the ERP system, so that you can manage your business using precise and up-to-date information.
  • Cut your costs and grow your margins -LS One Hospitality offers plenty of clever features made specifically to simplify restaurant management. The LS One solution will help cut your costs and improve your bottom line.
  • Offer exceptional customer service and drive returning business – Give your customers superior customer service and ensure their loyalty.
  • Optimize your operations – LS One can help you streamline your restaurant business and enhance your whole operation, from the kitchen to POS to back office.

Easy Point of Sale, orders, and payments

The LS One POS system is flexible, versatile, and gives you all the functionalities your restaurant needs. On top of all customary Point of Sale operations, our POS also have superior hospitality-specific features. From managing split bills to transfers of orders between tables to ingredient modifier options, our POS system is designed to help your business grow and succeed. The easy-to-use, customizable user interface means that you and your staff will be able to use all the features in no time.

  • Split bills – LS One makes management of split and partial bills easy and precise.
  • Up & cross-selling – LS One POS can help you increase your basket size by suggesting your staff appropriate upselling and cross-selling products.
  • Special promotions and offers – Set up special offers simply and rapidly with LS One Hospitality.
  • Item modifiers – Flexibility is a key quality for success in the restaurant industry. Increase the quality of your service by allowing your customers to modify dishes by adding or removing ingredients.

Restaurant management

Manage tables and orders fast and effectively with our restaurant management tools. LS One takes care of transferring the orders directly from POS to the chef, you can rest assured that there will be no miscommunications between server and kitchen, and that all your customers will be served exactly what they ordered.

  • Table management – With LS One Hospitality you can efficiently store your customers’ food orders directly at the POS.
  • Fast service at the counter – LS One provides quick service operators with all the features they need to run an efficient enterprise. The system is ready to use right out of the box.
  • Reporting – Use LS One’s powerful reporting functionality to plan your business strategy. LS One reports can help you analyse your activity and find out, for example, which are your most popular items, your busiest times of the day or your busiest weeks in the year.
  • Kitchen management – LS One’s kitchen management system streamlines your operations by putting the POS and the kitchen into direct communication. As soon as an order has been placed at the POS the system transmits it directly to the kitchen, where it is immediately printed.

Marketing and customer loyalty

Segment your customers, drive returning business and attract new patrons with advantageous loyalty programs.
With LS One you can manage customer accounts and loyalty campaigns easily and fast. It just takes a few clicks to create a new customer account, and it can even be done at the Point of Sale. Loyalty programs can include personalized offers and a point collection to be spent in your outlets, to stimulate new and old customers to return. You can also set up different levels of fidelity to better reward your most loyal customers.

  • Customer accounts – Customer accounts are easy and fast to create and can be used to segment your clientele. Make new customer profiles directly at the POS.
  • Loyalty programs – Set up loyalty programs, with loyalty points to reward your customers’ fidelity. With LS One you can not only create loyalty schemes but also organize them into different degrees of loyalty.