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The modern-day consumer expects to have the convenience of purchasing products they’ve searched for on the internet through various sales channels.

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Multi-channel retailing is basically offering customers that choice and even more channels to purchase your products, such as the traditional physical stores and online stores, to third-party channels such as Amazon or eBay, Social Media Platforms and convenient mobile apps for shopping on the go.

The benefits of adopting this approach is that it increases brand awareness as your products are visible across all of these channels. Potential customers will start to see your products more frequently and, therefore, more likely to buy. These channels provide 24 hour access to customers so purchases can be made at any time and consequently increasing revenue. With all the data available from selling across these various channels, you can easily compare which platform your customers seem to prefer so you can make targeted promotions on these channels.

Maintaining the general upkeep across all these channels can be time consuming, costly and difficult to coordinate because each channel operates individually. Any product update will take time as they need to be made manually, and mistakes can be easily made. Managing inventory, for example, can be challenging; suppose a particular channel isn’t updated when a product is out of stock and a purchase is made; an unfulfilled order can ultimately not be good for business.

ERP>Retail – The one stop shop to manage retail channels.

With ERP>Retail, you can solve the complexity of managing different sales channels. Whether they are on-line or off-line, ERP>Retail offers a one-stop solution to manage and update data on all platforms in one place.

ERP>Retail offers a solution where you can manage all these different sales channels in one place – often referred to as an omni-channel solution.

1. Manage Inventory

ERP>Retail provides real-time inventory management and helps manage the amount of stock required in each warehouse. It supports retailers in keeping track and automatically updating stock levels across all channels.

2. Increase Productivity

ERP>Retail automates most tasks, therefore eliminating human error risk, reducing task completion time and increasing productivity.

3. Minimum Data Entry

The main purpose of ERP Multi-Channel Retail is to synchronise and automate all channels into one, singular information centre. Whenever data is updated, ERP>Retail instantly adapts to the change and updates all relevant information that is affected.

4. Customer Satisfaction

ERP>Retail’s features increase customer satisfaction in both online and physical stores. It allows shoppers to keep track of their orders with personalised email updates. All the order information is kept in one central place so any staff member can deal with customer enquiries quickly and accurately. Ensuring that your customers get the same level of service through any channels, no matter where they go to buy your products.

5. Real-Time Reports

With ERP>Retail, you can access and export real-time reports. These reports provide essential information for supply chain management, inventory, manufacturing, maintenance, order management and project management.

Omni-Channel retail - the modern-day retail experience.

Omnichannel retail is now an integral part of the retail industry and is only set to become more popular. Retailers who have adopted Omni-channel retailing are already reaping benefits such as increased efficiency, improved customer experience and brand awareness. Those who haven’t yet implemented a suitable solution could soon be left behind in this ever-changing and fast-moving era.

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