LS Central

LS Central is the unified Point of Sale and eCommerce software solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Unify your business

Unify your business front to back control and processes in one platform with LS Central.

Including purchasing, warehouses, CRM, store sales, distribution, franchises, and financials, in one platform.

LS Central can centrally manage products, prices, campaigns, offers and more for all your physical locations, e-commerce, and m-commerce sites.
Unify your viewpoint and get a comprehensive view of your enterprise with a 360-degree picture of your customers, by maintaining all your core business information in one, centralised database. Unify your brand and manage all your retail and food service verticals across your enterprise within one solution with deep industry functionality.

Retail Point of Sale Software

Extend the Point of Sale (POS) terminal from a simple sales device to a sales assistant where your employees can view up-to-date inventory, check product details, deliver personalised service, access product recommendations, order items, and close sales. The POS devices work in online and offline mode. So even if you are using the cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) version of LS Central, you can be resilient, and keep on selling even when your internet connection is unreliable.

Product management

Centrally manage and update products, prices and offers for all your sales channels.  Assigning dimensions to items helps you understand which colours, sizes and styles are most popular for each product, so you can reorder the right variants. Create offers and promotions centrally for all of your sales locations, or just for specific stores.

Inventory management

Manage your stock optimally, minimizing inventory while reducing stock-outs, with a mix of manual and automated replenishment tools.

Workforce management

Maximize your staff productivity and satisfaction. Plan and distribute staff rosters, oversee and approve work hours, and gain a clear overview of timetabling, costs, and budget requirements.

Reporting & analysis

Reduce shrinkage and prevent losses using the real-time insights into your business’s key financials. In addition to the built-in reporting and analysing tools, you can enhance your system with extra Business Intelligence (BI) functionality to get an even deeper insights into your business data.

eCommerce software

Deliver a consistent shopping experience across all your sales channels. All information on items, prices and discounts is maintained in the LS Central retail management system which seamlessly communicates with your eCommerce platform. This makes sure that your online store always contains up-to-date product information, as well as allow to easily order special, out-of-stock, and customised items.

LS Central

LS Central is modern and dynamic Point of Sale software solution which is highly configurable, easy to learn and set up and scalable to grow with your business.