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ERP>Fashion offers a comprehensive suite of functionality which allows you to easily manage your fashion business from end-to-end.

Grow Your Fashion Business with ERP>Fashion


In the fashion industry, it’s all about margins and a short time to market: the collection has to be available to customers as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible

The fashion retail industry has changed immensely over the past few of years with the choice of how, when and where we shop has grown from the traditional bricks and mortar shops to the ever-growing 24/7 online retail presence.

The way fashion brands and retailers must perform and stay ahead of the competition is almost unrecognisable from the last decade. Social Media and influencers have contributed to increasing consumers’ expectations of the shopping experience. This is where an ERP system can help fashion retailers stay ahead of the competition and keep up to date with the ever-changing face of the fashion industry.

As specialist in the fashion industry Sci-Net has developed ERP>Fashion specifically for this sector with this propose built solution. By choosing us as a partner, you will be safe in the knowledge you will be dealing with a team of industry experts and a Microsoft Gold partner.


Understanding your business data is an important part of running a successful business. ERP>Fashion enables you to simply turn your data into value for your company. It visualises your processes, gives you quick insight of your performance and helps you and your colleagues prioritise work.

Many companies in the fashion industry reach a tipping point where the very tools that supported their business growth begin to hinder their ability to act with agility and insight. ERP>Fashion is a fashion management solution which connects your people, processes and systems, all from one place.

Our solution is designed specifically for fashion industry and starts with product data management by enhancing the tried and tested Inventory capabilities of Microsoft Business Central, thus complex tasks like creating different styles and options become easier to manage and error free.

Receive and Manage Orders and Returns Easily and efficiently

The fashion industry often must deal with complex and specific product order requirements. With ERP>Fashion you can handle numerous orders altogether or input order details into the system separately. Here you can tailor the order to meet the customer’s exact instructions, such as measurements, styles, fit and colour requirements.

The order and payment status are all held in this easy-to-use single system and can be accessed by all staff from customer service, the warehouse, and the shop floor, significantly lowering the risk of errors and any miscommunications with the customer.

Orders and returns can be managed and tracked easily with up-to-date statuses automatically emailed to customers.

Keep Track of your inventory in any warehouse.

Keeping track of your inventory is accurate, quick, and easy with ERP>Fashion. In a couple of clicks you can match the data from the software to your actual inventory. You can also manage multiple warehouses for distribution and transfer stock – even if it is still in transit!

With full integration to Parcelforce, DPD and Interlink, ERP>Fashion streamlines your shipping logistics. Shipping/delivery addresses are stored and carried through from the initial sales order, so with full integration, you can pick and pack your order and then print your shipping labels ready for despatch. Handle partial shipments with ease and keep track of all orders right through the pick, pack, and dispatch process.

When your goods arrive, our 3rd Party Logistics automation system ensures that receipts are accurately posted within the Business Central database – this would include representing over & under receipt, tracking of supplier returns and making sure stock adjustments are correctly identified with reason codes.


Thought Clothing

Learn more on how our implementation of ERP>Fashion has become the ‘Bible’ for this rapidly expanding fashion brand.

Other Key Benefits

The fashion industry also has products that are a short-term trends and items only available at certain times of year. With ERP>Fashion you can accurately predict stock levels and only order from your suppliers what you need.

You can also generate reports which detail how your suppliers/vendors are performing in terms of delivery times and quality whilst helping you manage their costings too.

Our Landed Cost module allows users to define complex sets of rules to accurately predict indirect costs.

ERP>Fashion reduces time wastage and replaces the need for spreadsheets and manual processes and the risk of human error ensuring a more streamlined workforce and ultimately leading to improved customer service levels.

The Container management feature gives your logistics team the ability to create and manage containers, as well as grouping purchase order lines together and managing key ex-factory & arrival dates from a macro level.

Create seamless and PCI compliant card transactions with your shop floor or website. All payments will be automatically posted to your account’s ledger.

Deal with multi-channel promotions, discounts and create personal campaigns with exclusive sales. as well as sell and redeem vouchers across all channels, including POS, mail order and your e-commerce website.

Our range of channel integrations makes it easy for you to sell your product through, not only your traditional bricks & mortar, but also via your e-commerce store as well as consolidation platforms such as Amazon or eBay.

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