Microsoft Dynamics 365 B.C. Project Rescue Services

Is your Dynamics 365 project at risk? Are you looking for a new partner?
There are several reasons why a Dynamics 365 B.C. project may be at risk and the consequences could leave you with an incomplete or under-performing system, and a business that is suffering as a result.

Rescue Services

Our dedicated Consultants, Developers and Relationship Managers have dealt with most failed situations

Frequent causes of project failure

  • You have lost confidence in your current partner due to poor product knowledge.
  • Your dynamics partner does not have the industry knowledge or industry IP.
  • Poor or weak project management
  • Lack of resources and experience causing project delays.
  • You do not have the skills or capacity to fully exploit Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • There is poor user adoption through inadequate training.
  • Promises have been repeatedly broken.
  • The original project team have now moved on.
  • You do not have access to a product expert who can give you the answers you need.

How we help

If your Dynamics 365 Business Central project is not delivering expected results, we can help you quickly recover the situation. Sci-Net has a proven record for taking on existing projects and deployed systems and bringing them back in line to meet and exceed customer expectations. Our dedicated Consultants, Developers and Relationship Managers have dealt with most failed situations. We have the experience to assess the system and create a plan to rescue your project and bring it back to an acceptable position.

Our credentials at Sci-Net?

  • Microsoft Gold Partner status with Dynamics 365 Business Central expert product knowledge.
  • A can-do attitude to problem solving.
  • Open and honest approach.
  • Focused on achieving rapid results.
  • Technical expertise and mentoring for long term success.
  • Over 400 years of collective experience.
  • Continued investment in acquiring new talent via the Sci-Net academy.