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Boost your online sales whilst reducing human error, increase efficiency and deliver a better customer experience.
ERP Retail functionality includes a seamless integration with your website and Sales Channels.

Grow your E-commerce Business with ERP Retail


Since the pandemic, online shopping has become even more popular with the increasing trend of traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers moving to an online presence. The flexibility of online shopping has allowed companies to continue trading, where their physical stores have had to close, and some are now dealing solely online.

ERP retail

For many businesses managing eCommerce platforms and all the other systems in the company can be daunting. Integrating an ERP solution with an eCommerce platform can bring considerable benefits to any retailer by managing everything, such as inventory financials, warehousing etc., all from a single central location.

ERP Retail integrates out of the box with the major eCommerce platforms, such as Magento and Shopify but can be integrated into any website, allowing your sales to continue to flow even when your bricks and mortar branches are closed. "Web Free" stock levels are constantly aligned, ensuring your customers know what is in stock before placing an order.

Brand awareness is difficult to achieve when customers have an infinite choice when making a purchase. Tools like Amazon, eBay & Zalando leverage their well-known brands to promote retailers' items, ensuring your premium product is presented to customers when they are looking to make a purchase. The problem is uniformly consolidating these orders without having to integrate them into each platform. Our Channel Engine integration gathers these sales into Business Central. With all sales safely in ERP Retail for Business Central, you can accurately gauge your stock, manage the customer experience, and keep those sales coming in.

Sales Order payments are automatically handled and posted in ERP Retail for Business Central Dynamics, and the order is automatically released to the warehouse for picking and shipping. Giving your business the ability to scale and handle sales orders irrespective of the sales channel. This is particularly useful during busy periods such as promotions and seasonal sales as staff don’t have to cope with any additional or unmanageable workloads. eCommerce integration also reduces time wastage as there is no longer the need to manually input data from one system to another, e.g., shipping info, inventory levels, and product info. The information is updated accurately and automatically, eliminating any costly human error. Reducing the time taken from the customer placing the order to when they receive their package.

Integrating your eCommerce platform with other systems in the business allows you to update your customer at every step of the order process, creating an easy, seamless customer journey right through from ‘adding to basket’ to the receipt of the goods. After checking out, ensure your customers are updated in “Real Time” by automatically notifying them when their order will be delivered right from when it has been picked to provide them with shipment tracking references from the selected carrier with automatic updates.

Key Features

eCommerce and ERP Retail integration will talk to each other directly and update stock levels automatically and accurately, allowing you to track inventory in real-time and forecast how much inventory you may need in the future. 

eCommerce and ERP integration allows you to make powerful insights and compile valuable reports. You will have one holistic system with data from all parts of the business. Insights from this data can be used to improve business processes, make better predictions, and quickly identify any problems. This unified and easy-to-use platform informs business leaders more accurately, helping them make better and potentially more profitable decisions about the company.

The risk of human error is significantly reduced due to the automated data transfers from one system to the other. 

Staff can no longer incorrectly input shipping details, product information or any other data incorrectly. Therefore, there is minimal likelihood of any product returns or complaints and mis-picking/nil picking due to stock inaccuracies.

Accurate Product Information and pricing

Suppliers often change product specifications and pricing – sometimes several times a year. 

With fully integrated pricing defined within ERP Retail and seamlessly promoted to the web platform, you can be safe in the knowledge that any changes to product pricing, specifications or attributes are automatically updated, ensuring there are no surprises for the customer on receipt.

Improve your customer's experience with quick and easy returns

With the general trend of online shopping increasing, coupled with the fact that most shoppers will order multiple items for choice, style, size etc., returns are inevitable. Customers also expect to be able to return products free of charge, so this rise in returned goods can impact profit and staff workloads when they’re not processed efficiently.

Creating a simple and hassle-free returns process has never been so important to stay ahead of the competition whilst keeping costs down.

Using ERP Retail makes the returns management process as easy as creating the sales transaction. You can handle the entire order fulfilment process, including returns, whilst automatically providing customers with their returns’ status and updating your inventory management system.

A typical ERP Retail customer Journey

A customer visits your website, selects their chosen product/s and adds items to their shopping basket.

Complete and secure payment is taken during the checkout process.

An order confirmation email is automatically sent to the customer.

Stock levels are adjusted accordingly on the website and warehouse.

Order is automatically sent to the warehouse.

Product picked and packed.

Shipping label is produced and sent via a delivery company.

The customer is automatically sent a tracking email.

Order received by the customer.

Quick and Easy Returns Process.

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