At Sci-Net, we employ experienced developers who not only know the solution but understand your industry vertical and key business processes. Our Developers are responsible for both the specification and the development of the solution while following a stringent governance process.

experienced developers

Our highly experienced and specialist developers are skilled in all versions of Dynamics NAV & Business Central, SQL, and .NET technologies

Bucking the trend of many partners, we separate our consultative and developer roles at Sci-Net to ensure best practice and embrace the difference between a functional and technical approach to problem solving.

This approach helps alleviate translation challenges often surfaced when a consultant is also the developer and gives a more rounded approach to the delivery of any modification. This process is consistent through the project lifecycle from specification & development phases to User Testing and go live.

We also adopt a can-do attitude to all our projects, providing straightforward, jargon-free advice and support, whilst building software systems and dynamic web-based applications to meet even the most complex business needs, helping to transform our customers’ processes, build automated integrations with other systems or partners as well as enhance how the workforce interact with their current systems.

Once your solution has been implemented, our support does not stop there. Our aftercare and account management services are available to ensure the business has everything you need, and employees are trained to get the very best out of the system.

Investing in the future

As Sci-Net is a company  dependent on maintaining and continuing a high level of developer skills, we recognise the importance of attracting new and young talent and, therefore, launched the ‘Sci-Net Academy’ offering apprenticeships in Software Development, strengthening and future proofing our already experienced and established team.