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To be able to make a professional presentation, you once had to have professional skills in design. Back in the nineties, Microsoft then developed a tool called PowerPoint, and that was a real game-changer! Today, anyone who can read and write can design the most sophisticated presentations with the help of this highly intelligent software solution. As we speak, a similar revolution is happening in the domain of software development in an application called Microsoft Power Apps.  

Since the rise of the mobile phone, we tend to say, ‘there must be an app for that.’ But reality teaches us that this is not true. There are hundreds of official registrations in all shapes and sizes in every organisation, and on top of that a multitude of informal, often personal registrations. Partly on paper and partly (semi-)automated. These registrations are the target audience of Power Apps.

This way of working is called ‘Low code’ or ‘No code’ development and the users of these applications are often referred to as ‘citizen developers’ Experts foresee a great future for this new way of development, mainly due to the predicted large shortages of professional developers worldwide.

Developing your own apps comes with several advantages. Usually, developing apps with Power Apps is faster and cheaper, and the outcomes are sooner available when compared to the traditional outsourcing of customised solutions. Doing this kind of development in-house often means less miscommunication. After all, you know what it is that you want, right? Another advantage of using Power Apps is that these apps hook up to the existing business solution and leave their core intact. This means a lower risk for maintenance and future upgrades.    

Power Apps is a part of the ‘Power Platform’. This modern set of solutions also consists of Power Automate and Power BI. Power Platform is one of the fastest-growing products in the company’s history. Partly because it is not a proprietary solution: Power Platform can be used in combination with almost any business solution. Microsoft confirmed that power Platform is now a $2 billion annual business, with revenue up 72 per cent year over year. This growth is mainly fueled by the unprecedented growth of Power Apps, which grew by 162 per cent in the past quarter. Should you have the ambition to use Power Apps to develop the next generation of your accounting or manufacturing solution? Probably not. After all, it would help if you always did what you understood. The secret of developing your own apps probably lies in replacing the thousands of lists, small registrations, and Excel sheets that circle in your formal and informal organisation. 

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