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Companies are looking for a short-term Return on Investment (ROI) when they invest in a new ERP system. Nevertheless, many costs are often incurred during the selection phase. This puts pressure on a quick ROI even before the implementation starts.

When choosing their new ERP software solution partner, many companies work from a longlist to a shortlist to make the final choice based on the latter. A relevant question is what you require from the partner, phase by phase, and how much time and energy you will dedicate to it.

Presenting all the potential partners with a longlist of options only for you to decide afterwards that some of them can be ruled out straight away “because they lack references in your sector”. You really could have figured this out with less effort!

Visiting six partners for a full-day workshop is not logical, especially if you invite your entire project group or working group for the occasion. Only to delete candidates “because their user interface looks a bit chaotic” later. Or you were having your current partner participate “for the sake of politeness” while it is clear from the beginning that he doesn’t stand a chance!

Regardless of the efforts you require from your ERP partners, consider how much time and energy they need. Do you include all those costs in your business case? Political play and keeping yourself covered are prominent driving forces during the selection phase. To prevent possible reproaches, you also allow the partners about whom you had your doubts about participating. But who profits from such an approach?
How can this process be improved? First, at a management level, decide upon the five most important selection criteria. Use these criteria to filter out two vendors and only then start going into depth. In this way, you save a lot of time and energy.

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