This is how you benefit from Microsoft’s large partner eco-system.

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Microsoft is a truly partner driven organisation. For the sales, implementation and support of their Dynamics 365 business applications, the company relies on it’s extensive network of partners. Have you ever wondered how you could benefit from this ‘partner eco-system’? Time for some clarity.

Making a success of an ERP implementation project is not easy – we all know that! Next to a great client, it needs a software solution with the best possible fit with your organisation and your future oriented business processes. But it also requires several different skills to help your organisation transform to that new solution and implement the new processes and mindset.

When it comes to the sales and distribution of ERP solutions, we see different approaches in the market. Some vendors sell directly to the end-customers, where others sell indirectly via implementation partners. Some vendors are active in your own country only whilst other vendors have activities around the globe. Some vendors have the monopoly for adapting their solutions and others allow their partners to extend and enrich their solutions.

Here are some ways you can take advantage of Microsoft’s large ‘partner eco-system’:

• Microsoft has thousands of Dynamics 365 Value Added Resellers or implementation partners around the world. So you never have to deal with a ‘single point of failure’ when it comes to implementation or support

• Partners from other countries or regions can help implement your Dynamics 365 solution in case of international roll-outs. They know the localised versions inside-out, speak the local language, understand the local culture and live in the same time-zone. All aspects that will improve the quality of your implementation

• There are many so called Independent Software Vendors who build solutions on top of Dynamics 365. This category of partners help resellers to complete their offerings with specific functionalities and deep domain knowledge for targeted vertical markets. The advantage is that your reseller doesn’t have to re-invent the wheel and use their own capacity for the things that really matter for their customers

• The Microsoft platform is wide and extensive and it’s still growing. The partner eco-system for this total platform consists of hundreds of thousands of partners – all with their own specialisations. The collaboration between your ERP-/CRM-partner of choice and the many other partners in this eco-system can help you explore new parts of this platform without compromising on quality

Before you decide for any solution, it seems wise to also consider the way your vendor operates and judge what that potentially means for your project success, both on the short and on the long term.

Microsoft’s wide, rich, vibrant and fast growing partner channel can breathe with you and your IT needs. In and outside of the ERP domain. Locally as well as internationally. Now and in the future.

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