Sci-Net Business Solutions – LS Retail Gold Partner 2023

Sci-Net Business Solutions is proud to announce that it has been named LS Retail Gold Partner for 2023. The Gold Partner level is an excellent achievement for an LS Retail partner. This honour is limited to companies that displayed extra dedication to LS Retail solutions and drove notable sales success during the previous year.

Sci-Net has a wealth of experience and expertise in the retail sector and is well-equipped to help businesses navigate the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities that arise in this dynamic environment.

In response to being awarded Gold Partner Status by LS Retail, Managing Director Duncan Fergusson expressed his gratitude, saying, “This recognition is a tremendous honour for our team at Sci-Net. We are proud to be acknowledged for our expertise in the industry, and we remain committed to delivering exceptional service and solutions to our customers.”

As a Gold Partner, Sci-Net is well-positioned to provide businesses with industry-specific knowledge and cutting-edge technology solutions to achieve operational excellence, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive growth in today’s highly competitive retail landscape. This achievement further solidifies Sci-Net’s reputation as a leading provider of innovative solutions for the Retail Industry.

“Congratulations to our awarded partners, who demonstrate on a daily basis that they can help retail and hospitality businesses improve operations and customer experiences,” says Kristjan Johannsson, Chief Commercial Officer of LS Retail. “We are delighted to honour Sci-Net as LS Retail gold partner, and we look forward to celebrating their current and future successes with them”, says Kristjan.


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