Sci-Net solution improves financial reporting for MarineGuard.

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Sci-Net solution improves financial reporting, introduces slick stock management and delivers £45k in purchase discounts in one year

Global superyacht security provider MarineGuard is readying to launch two new arms of the company - and credits business solution specialists Sci-Net with helping to make its expansion ambitions possible.

For MarineGuard’s Chief Financial Officer Emma Hills, Dynamics 365 Business Central was the right platform, with Sci-Net – a Microsoft Gold Partner – offering the expertise to support the continued development of the system. The aim was to provide the in depth reporting the company desperately needed to realise its business goals.

Emma explains: “A typical project for us can last up to three years. We work with shipyards building superyachts, designing bespoke security systems that create a virtual bubble around the vessel. This can include video surveillance, access control, intruder detection,  drone and diver detection, which enhances the overall safety of owners, guests and crew.

“We input all of our projects and jobs into Dynamics 365, where we can set up staged payments to dovetail with our deliveries, to keep cashflow positive.

“We can track inventory now, of around 600,000 pieces, and this means we have full stock control. The knock-on impact is that we’ve made efficiencies in purchasing, meaning we can now look forward three months and make bulk purchases. Doing this has secured us £45,000 in discounts in this financial year alone.”

MarineGuard also uses its Microsoft system for forward-looking budgets, allowing the company to better monitor how projects are tracking to budget, and to help with cash-flow forecasts.

Emma adds: “We used to go over budget all the time, it was painful. That just doesn’t happen now. The systems we have in place have made us grow up as a business over the past five years and has created a far more professional way of running the business. Specifically, the jobs module we use has transformed how we do things.”

This streamlining and efficiency drive comes at a pivotal time for MarineGuard, as it seeks to branch out into new segments, including eyeing up acquisitions of complementary businesses.


“The business is scalable now”

“The business is scalable now”, adds Emma. “We wouldn’t have been able to make these strides beforehand. We can copy the success of our model into the other companies, and replicate the model of a MarineGuard superyacht project into other projects within the company.”

Sci-Net’s Tim Barker, who works closely with the maritime security provider said: “Our approach to getting the best for our customer is to challenge them on what they want to achieve in the short, medium and long term.

“Our objective was to understand this for MarineGuard, so we can make sure that we’re mapping the abilities of Sci-Net and Microsoft to meet their expectations and plans going forward. We add value by proposing ideas that can allow them to expand their business capabilities and behind that, their profitability. Ultimately, delivering profit and success for MarineGuard is what it’s all about.”

MarineGuard joined Sci-Net’s client roster following Sci-Net’s recent acquisition of the Microsoft Dynamics division of Blue Rock Systems, which has seen the company open new premises in Southampton, where MarineGuard is located.

Emma concludes: “The Sci-Net team know my system, which is invaluable. It’s more of a partnership rather than a client and provider relationship. Sci-Net knows what we need and can help us.”

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