Sci-Net provided the core accounting functionality lacking within V12’s existing application

excellent customer service

As a growing and visionary company V12 needed a robust and comprehensive ERP solution to provide sales-based insights and enhanced accounting functionality.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV™ provided the core accounting functionality lacking within their existing application, in addition to allowing V12 to leverage a range of fashion-centric functionality provided

Better Business Insight

Business intelligence has enabled V12 to take a top down view of their business, slice & dice their sales activity allowing them to leverage detailed customer buying trends in addition to providing them with a better understanding of where they can implement improvements within both their product offerings and processes to drive sales.

Faster Order Fulfilment

To an omni-channel wholesale business such as V12, order fulfilment is of utmost importance. “The speed of Sales Order Entry that NAV provides allows us to fulfil a promise to our customers that their order will be sent for despatch within thirty minutes of receipt of an order, with guaranteed next day delivery on orders received before 3pm.” Chloe Hext, Customer Service Executive, V12 Footwear Ltd V12’s sales ordering process has been vastly improved using intuitive style, colour & size matrix screens, while customers are provided with accurate real-time stock information ensuring that V12 is never oversold. In addition, the effects of any supply chain delays are mitigated using a seamless back-ordering process which presents the customer services representatives with accurate promised delivery dates based on future receipts of goods.

More Accurate Sales Forecasting

The Sales Forecasting Module enables V12 to create inventory forecasts based on historic sales; apply increases or decreases in sales volumes either globally or by product; run “What-If” sales & cost adjustments and conduct markdown modelling.


V12 have reduced their stock management process by 50% by leveraging real-time stock and sales information. They are now able to predict the closing stock position of all lines using both forecasted & actual sales quantities, allowing them to concentrate on the exception of potential stock-out situation.

Greater Financial Visibility, Accuracy and Efficiency

Fully integrated accounting ledgers coupled with powerful interrogation and reporting capabilities provide V12 with meaningful financial insights, allowing them to manage their business efficiently. “Having the ability to easily reconcile the accruals for freight and duty costs and compare them to actuals is amazing! Finding the data for this task previously would have been near impossible.” Keira Maria, Management Account, V12 Footwear Ltd

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