Microsoft Dynamics 365 grows three times faster than the market.

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These are strange times, not just for users of business software like you, but they are also exciting times for the software suppliers. Are they able to continue servicing their customers? Do they succeed in keeping their innovation up to date? Do they still win new customers? And are they powerful enough to survive this crisis? Microsoft is doing very well these days with its new flagship Dynamics 365. This suite of modern and innovative ERP and CRM solutions grows three times faster than the average growth in the market.
The pace of growth is an important indicator of how well software vendors, their solutions and their implementation partners are doing. It reflects the trust that customers have in the quality of these solutions, the degree of innovation, the quality of the implementation services and the prospects for continuity.
According to Gartner Group, the average growth of the worldwide ERP and CRM markets is 17 percent. The current growth of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is 47 percent. That’s a growth of no less than three times the market rate if you realise that the Microsoft performance is also included in that 17 percent score.
This result is of course enjoyable for Microsoft and its partners. But it’s also good news for the existing Microsoft Dynamics customers! After all, financial growth means a continuation of the scheduled product innovation and a further strengthening of the outlook for continuity. As a result, more potential customers are expected to put Dynamics 365 on their short-list. Which will fuel the future growth.
Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions are sold via a network of independent implementation partners, this means that these partners also experience a fast growth. That gives these partners the possibility to continue to heavily invest in knowledge of their solutions, of the broader Microsoft platform and of digital transformation. But it also means that they are able to hire additional employees where some of their competitors are forced to downsize their organisations.
Are you thinking about modernizing your outdated software or upgrading your traditional Dynamics NAV/AX/CRM solution to a SaaS solution in 2021? Then these results should encourage you to give Microsoft Dynamics 365 a serious consideration.

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