Does your ERP/CRM solution function as a rearview mirror or more like a periscope?

Expert Corner

The role of ERP/CRM systems is shifting. Traditionally, the emphasis was on improving internal efficiency, with separated systems per department, business unit, and/or subsidiary. While that may be practical for these entities, it didn’t really help to create an accurate overview, since it showed what happened in the near past – not in the near future, companies must use integrated business software to manage their entire business in a pro-active way in today’s fast-changing markets. So, if your current ERP/CRM system still functions as a rearview mirror, you’d better exchange it for a periscope!

Anyone who must draw their information from sub-systems that are not (wholly) connected and communicate moderately must work hard to arrive at relevant steering information, and that is precisely the process that is taking place in many companies now! In the process of compiling management information, these companies have to perform many repetitive actions every month. Which, as a result, requires a lot of processing time and avoidable costs.

For example, for a healthy project result, it is essential to monitor costs tightly to intervene if the costs are out of step with the progress. However, that requires up-to-date information all the time! After all, anyone who only finds out afterward that action should have been taken is too late. Anyone who relies on outdated information for your company’s controls watches through a rearview mirror all the time and can therefore only wait for accidents to happen! After all, both opportunities and problems come to light too late.

Fortunately – modern, innovative, and well-integrated ERP systems are available today. They are tailored specifically to your industry, affordable, and relatively easy to adapt. These solutions take care of the transactions at the operational level for you and help you with up-to-date steering information. Also, you save on administrative operations, which already contributes directly to a better margin.

Are you currently automated based on island solutions? Then the choice of such a modern solution means replacing your rearview mirror with a periscope. One that can look backward and forwards as desired. And which also displays the current position of your company at any time. This improved view is sure to help your business move forwards.

If you feel like you are looking through your business in the rearview mirror, get in touch with us here at Sci-Net Business Solutions, and we can help your business to look forward with your ERP System.


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