Do you understand the dangers of joyriding with business software?

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Did you ever drive before you had your license? Pretty dangerous, right? Driving a car without enough training is a considerable risk and can cause major damage as well as a big material impact that can haunt you for years. But what about the use of business software in your organisation? What is the effect when the end-users of your business software haven’t had enough training to get their ERP/CRM driver’s license? An analysis.

Traffic safety is essential. So, the rules of the road are there to keep us safe. It’s how we make sure a would-be driver is skilled enough. A driver license is issued only after a convincing demonstration of those skills. And everyone understands that getting this license costs (a lot of) time and money.

How different it is with business software. Even though you can cause a lot of damage with the improper use of an ERP/CRM system, there is still no oversight. Not from the government nor, indeed, from your own management! What’s more, it’s usually the company’s very management that considers training and instruction too costly. And it’s often one of the first cost elements negotiated downward in the buying process.

Let us be honest. The vendor offering the greatest number of training days is usually the one first crossed off the shortlist. Too expensive, of course! Surely you realise that this increases the chances of project failure? And recent hires end up being trained by their colleagues. It’s the blind leading the blind.

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