Applicant makes the choice of new employer partly based on the quality of their IT system.

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With the growing role of information technology in our daily lives, it can be no surprise that we all appreciate the value of good IT tools. That is, of course, relevant in our private lives, but even more in a business environment. After all, modern office workers spend large parts of their working day behind their PC or laptop – especially when working from home-office! A recent study shows that office workers value well-implemented systems. Around 80 per cent of the respondents indicate that information technology determines whether he or she can work optimally. Increasingly, wrong solutions and poor implementations are a strong reason not to choose a new job or leave an existing employer.  

The state of IT at an employer can make or break an employment relationship. For a third of the youngest generation of employees, the millennials, positive feedback about the IT situation in an organisation is a reason to start working somewhere. For a third of all employees, tech stress and restrictive IT systems can be frustrating enough to find another job.

The ‘2021 State of Work’ by Workfront, a subsidiary of Adobe, shows differences between countries and generations when it comes to decisions involving IT frustration or positive experiences. 37 Percent of all millennials take the state of their IT systems into a decision to work somewhere, compared to 26 per cent of Generation X. In half of the cases, the British and American employees indicate that they want to leave if information systems restrict them against little more than a quarter of the Germans employees.

It is no surprise that knowledge workers find well-designed information systems critical to their work. Around 80 per cent indicate that information technology is (very) important to improve their productivity. Only engaged managers are considered more valuable. A third suggested that he or she could be more productive and engaged if IT provided better support. Examples of this support are better information provision for planning & prioritisation, remote collaboration, an intuitive user interface, and automated everyday routine tasks.

IT is also considered essential to be able to work well together. Around 60 per cent of the respondents say they depend on information technology, for example, because of collaboration, work management, communication, and planning & organisation. And 80 per cent of those surveyed consider teamwork essential to stay in a job.

With the continued ageing of their teams, winning the hearts of young and talented new employees is a crucial factor for many organisations. So, if you want to be successful in that ongoing ‘war for talent’, it makes sense to make sure that your IT solutions, business processes and internal collaboration are nothing less than perfect.

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