GoodAccess enriches Sci-Net’s partner portfolio to bring UK customers secure connectivity to business systems

GoodAccess is the world’s simplest remote-access-as-a-service that has teamed up with Sci-Net’s ERP to boost productivity and business agility while maintaining anytime-anywhere connectivity.

SEPT, 2023
GoodAccess, the company reinventing secure access for small and medium businesses, today announced a collaboration with Sci-Net, a Tier 1 Microsoft Gold Partner designing and delivering ERP, CRM, and Cloud Infrastructure solutions. Through the integration between both solutions, businesses can ensure secure access to their ERP systems while ensuring uninterrupted productivity, even from mobile devices.

With the rapid shift towards remote work and decentralisation of business systems, the significance of secure access to digital resources from anywhere has never been more pronounced.

GoodAccess is a SaaS cybersecurity platform that tackles the remote access challenges by reinventing traditional VPN technology to be the means of providing Zero Trust Access while greatly reducing complexity, expense, and necessary expertise. It allows mitigating the risks introduced by hybrid work models, BYOD, and distributed IT resources with no hassle.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Sci-Net. Thanks to the integration of our innovative products, clients can experience a new era of streamlined connectivity and productivity,” said Michal Cizek, CEO at GoodAccess. 

Integration between GoodAccess and Sci-Net’s ERP>Retail platform allows businesses to leverage the power of GoodAccess’s cloud VPN with dedicated static IP and zero trust access controls to establish secure and encrypted connections between remote users and ERP>Retail. Remote workers can securely access ERP>Retail from anywhere, regardless of their physical location, network location, or device, ensuring uninterrupted productivity even from mobile devices.

“Facing the ever-growing threat landscape, businesses are seeking secure and efficient ways to enable their workforce to access critical systems and data while maintaining robust security measures,” said Duncan Fergusson, Managing Director of Sci-Net. “With GoodAccess, we can transform how companies  manage business operations, ensuring seamless integration, top-notch security, and unmatched customer support.”

With more than 1300 business customers worldwide, GoodAccess gives businesses the security benefits of zero trust without the complexities, so users can securely access digital resources anytime, anywhere. It allows the creation of a bulletproof defense against network breaches with identity-based access control, traffic encryption, MFA, SSO, network segmentation, online threat prevention, and other features.

The key use cases of GoodAccess include:

  • Securing and encrypting connections between remote users and business systems, regardless of their physical and network locations
  • Making applications undetectable for unauthorised users and thus blocking network-based attacks by default
  • Implementing zero-trust security model with granular identity-driven access control
  • Detecting insider and external threats such as C&C communication, phishing, and ransomware
  • Protecting users from phishing attacks, ransomware and other common online threats
  • Ensuring accountability and meeting compliance standards of ISO 27001, SOC2, GDPR, and NIS2.

Contact Sci-Net to learn more about GoodAccess or create a free account and try the full-featured free trial for 14 days.

About Sci-Net

Sci-Net Business Solutions has over 30 years’ experience in providing business management ERP solutions to small and medium organisations throughout the UK.

The company is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Azure Cloud Tier 1 Gold Partner. It was one of the first Navision partners in the UK and has been implementing and supporting Dynamics NAV (Navision) for over ten years.  

 Sci-Net’s broad experience in a range of industries and deep understanding of client requirements, coupled with best-of-breed methodologies and support structures, allows the team to offer its customers true value for money with professional and successful implementations. The team continually strives to provide its customers with a reduced cost of ownership and tangible efficiencies across their organisation. 

About GoodAccess

GoodAccess is a cybersecurity platform that enables secure remote access to digital resources for small and medium enterprises. Developed to be easy to deploy, manage, and use, it provides the most usable zero trust network access (ZTNA) on the market, deployable in just 10 minutes. Even without a dedicated networking expert. Companies in more than 120 countries use GoodAccess to secure access to their business systems, applications, clouds, and data. Anytime, anywhere. Start your 14-day full-featured free trial at

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