Work From Home Quickly and Efficiently With Microsoft Azure

Working from home has quickly become the new norm, Sci-Net can offer you the best solution to allow your team to work remotely quickly and efficiently.

Just one month ago, most people would never have had the experience of working from home. Work was done at a place called the office – where our business IT was provided. We would all commute into work using our cars or packed buses and trains – no seats again today (sigh), everyone rushing to get to the office for a 9 am start. Such was life working in town.   

Only IT staff and the top managers had access to laptops and working remotely – but often, this was restricted, and PCs were configured, especially for these managers – it was not the norm.   

Many businesses were not ready for a remote working revolution, clinging desperately to On-Premises IT infrastructure when there are now flexible hosted solutions.        

There is another way.    

Microsoft Azure allows you to provide a private or public cloud-based solution through which you can conduct your business. Office 365 (O365) and Dynamics Business Central complete the mix.            

As one of the earliest adopters of Dynamics NAV in Azure, Sci-Net specialise in the Microsoft product suite, bringing a wealth of product expertise in remote working and your data, documents and applications all in one central solution – and available to you wherever you need to log on. Imagine if you could check your inventory or access your latest financials in real-time?          

So, how do you decide if the cloud is right for your next project?

These are the questions you should ask yourself:              

Improved development time      

Reduction in costs (no infrastructure to buy or specialised IT staff to employ), virtual servers allow upscaling (or downscaling) to keep you in control of your costs and future proof your solution              

Services run seamlessly and efficiently   

Simple Click Once deployment, web client and apps allow all your workers to remote work from day one    


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