Finance and Leasing

Sci-Net is proud partners of Soft4Leasing. Soft4Leasing is a tailored solution for lending and asset finance companies looking to obtain operational excellence, reduce risks, support compliance, and promote growth.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics platform, you can enjoy all the advantages of flexible leasing & rental management system with a comprehensive business management solution that helps your people work faster and smarter.

Built within Microsoft Dynamics

Soft4Leasing has been validated by an independent UK actuarial firm and complies with IFRS16 and GAAP standards

Supports finance (capital) lease, operating lease, hire purchase, and thereby brings benefits to the leasing industry.

Soft4Leasing is an all-in-one leasing and finance solution which will enable you to easily manage the entire leasing process — from a lease quote through to a whole contract to reporting. Lease processes are mapped directly to nominal accounts. There is no need for manual accounting for leases. All lease transactions, from contract activation to contract termination are automatically posted to nominated nominal accounts.

It also enables businesses to automate operations, manage and track multiple assets in a single lease and handles repossessions and returns. It integrates the work of collection agents, repossession agents, equipment resellers, and dealers.

What can you do with Soft4Leasing?

Easily manage the entire leasing process — from the lease quote through the entire contract to reporting
Create quotes, do instalment calculation, create applications, prepare instalment schedule, activate Lease Contract, keep track of contract balances, terminate, and close the contract.
Work with several functionalities related to the lease/loan origination process: prepare disbursement schedules, vetting checks, use special approval conditions, track customers via source of access. Have multiple applicants or parties involved in a single application (e.g. co-applicants, guarantors, directors, partners, next of kin, etc.). The system will customize the lease processes accordingly.
List each unit on the lease application, identify with it with a unique ID, set the attributes of the asset (e.g. new or used, starting mileage, colour, etc.). You can have multiple assets on a single contract.
Automate customer credit score calculate and set credit rating. Uses highly configurable scorecard tree. The score can be dependent on any attribute of applicant/asset/application.
Automate credit decision process: when new application submitted, system runs Decision Tree logic, which gives one of three results: auto-approved, auto-declined, referred to credit officer.
Self service portal for dealers and brokers to log in and create quotes with their own logo and details. Dealers and brokers submit quotes/applications directly from portal for approval together with necessary documents uploaded from portal. Real time updates where brokers and dealers can keep track of progress status and activities.
Create, store and distribute documents throughout lease process. Configure document templates and map to data in the system (e.g. automate Lease Contract form with data fields filled in)
Sign lease agreements/credit contracts and other related documents (direct debit mandate, etc.) electronically. The functionality allows for multiple signer (borrower, co-borrower, guarantors, lessor).
Soft4Leasing uses the power of Microsoft platform and is fully integrated with Microsoft products such as Excel and Word. Integration to Microsoft CRM and other Microsoft products are also available.
Soft4Leasing allows flexible rescheduling of contracts, by assets, by interest rate, by cashflows, by period and much more.