LS Retail for Hospitality

With LS Retail Hospitality you can keep total control over your business from front-of-house to the kitchen and stock ordering with an all-in-one enterprise software solution.

one central solution

Cut costs and boost guest satisfaction with the LS Central restaurant solution.

It is essential to have a clear and direct communication channel in any hospitality business

The Front-of-house and the kitchen need to link each other directly, and guests expect a rapid, professional, and quality experience to make them feel welcome and help you gain repeat business and loyalty through excellent service.

Replace multiple systems used with one central end-to-end solution. Oversee operations and centrally control stock, price, recipes, and menus. Streamline your purchasing to maximise revenue and manage staffing efficiencies. Errors can impact any hospitality business. 

Price dishes correctly to gain maximum profit, cut waste, reduce dish errors, speed up table turn overtimes, and plan and order stock to improve your business bottom line. Customers’ various dietary requirements also need to be fulfilled, so the front-of-house and the kitchen need to understand any requirements to avoid potential health risks, errors, and returned dishes.

LS Central for Hospitality

Ls Central for Hospitality is a POS system enables you to directly take orders and payments at the table, ensuring correct and rapid order, including modifications requests, are sent straight to the kitchen, allowing for a quick turn over of tables to capitalise on profits.

Do not let changes in consumer behaviour knock your restaurant down. Gain a competitive edge, boost revenue, and drive return visits with a successful omni-channel strategy for your restaurant.

LS Central for Hospitality is leading POS and hospitality software designed to grow and support growth. We have expertise and experience in the hospitality industry implementing solutions in leading hospitality businesses.