The single biggest mistake you can make in your Digital Transformation Projects.

Digital transformation gives you the opportunity to do the following:- Reshape your organisation. Modernise your business processes. Review how your employees work together. Improve your products and services. Put your customers as the central focus of everything you do. Unfortunately, digital transformation is often too closely linked to just technology and ‘digital’, with less or […]

This is why Microsoft Azure forms the foundation for your cloud success

Due to the pandemic, many organisations worldwide were forced to start using cloud solutions. Working from home became so massive in such a short time it was simply impossible without cloud solutions like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. However, many companies are still reluctant to migrate their ERP/CRM system to the cloud. That’s not really surprising […]

An implementation dilemma

A substantial part of all customisations concerning ERP/CRM systems are not used anymore recently after the system has been implemented. Instead of developing customisations for indispensable yet absent functionality, customisations are too often employed as a kind of lubricant to smoothen the transition from the old to the new situation. This phenomenon is very costly […]

It’s National Apprentice Week!

Sci-Net has always recognised the importance of attracting young talent to maintain its high level of developer skills. As it’s National Apprenticeship Week, we took the time to catch up with the apprentice’s past and present here at Sci-Net Ltd. We asked them about their experiences and what advantages the apprenticeship scheme has given them. […]

Use the MoSCoW methodology for Project Success!

They are two crucial elements that define unsuccessful ERP/CRM projects. The first common mistake is wanting to change too much at once and secondly is to allow old habits and practices in the new setting. Sounds familiar, right? If you are responsible for the success of the upcoming migration to a recent version or a […]

Keeping it simple – The wish list for your new software solution

According to a recent survey, 80 per cent of CEO’s believe they deliver superior customer service. But only 8 per cent of their customers agree. Increasingly, customer dissatisfaction is caused by organisational complexity. Think about outdated processes, manual operations and the impact of multiple versions of the truth. When companies are about to purchase a […]

Microsoft to quadruple cybersecurity investments.

In today’s fast-changing world, the role of IT is more critical than it was ever before. Organisations work hard these days to digitally transform themselves, modernise their business processes and grow into customer-focused organisations. However, we can all see the advancing dangers coming from cyber security. This is where cloud solutions can prove their added […]