AGR Dynamics for Demand Forecasting

AGR Dynamics for Demand Forecasting, Planning and Inventory Optimisation

AGR Dynamics is a Demand Forecasting, Planning and Inventory Optimisation software based on best practice processes to help businesses manage their supply chain. From financial planning to forecasting, promotions planning, exception reporting, ordering, and allocations through an integrated and highly automated process. Helping retailers, wholesalers and distribution companies to become more competitive by reducing working capital tied up in unnecessary inventory and at the same time improving service levels. 

Minimising waste in the Supply chain

AGR Dynamics software makes an impact and drives change by eliminating waste in the supply chain. It does so by determining expected future demand and optimising inventory levels to ensure maximum availability with minimum capital tied up in stock. This helps in minimising waste of funds due to overstock, waste of opportunities by not having the stock available for the customer, waste of time by having resources spending time in repeatable tasks and most importantly minimising the waste of carbon footprint by unnecessary use of transportation. 

Business Data used to the full extent

Statistical Forecasting

Through statistical forecasting the AGR Dynamics software puts your sales data to use and calculates automatic demand patterns. On top of that your products can be prioritised based on value, volume or margin through the ABC analysis. Having the ABC analysis in place the desired Service levels can be set for each category and accurate safety stock levels are automatically calculated ensuring you have the right products in the right place at the right time.

Demand Planning

Whether the demand planning process is top-down, middle-out or bottom-up, the AGR Dynamics software provides templates to manipulate the statistical forecasts on any level of the business. The forecast gives the initial input into the planning process and the sales quantity can be amended on any level of the business. Special planning templates are in place for customer level planning, item category level, vendor level and many more. When planning for promotions the software helps analyse and create plans that directly feed into the procurement processes. Incorporating machine learning technology allows for planning and measuring of cannibalisation and halo effects, helping you further increase the profit of promotions as well as optimise stock levels. 

Order management

Carrying enough inventory to respond quickly to customer demand yet minimising investment in inventory, facilities and equipment to reduce storage and transportation cost is a balancing act that is sometimes difficul to attain.  By using automatic order generation based on lead times, order frequency, minimum order quantity and other order parameters the system easily creates finished order proposals. The propsals can then be constrained at higher level to further optimise the order quantity, such as container optimisation, value constraints, days covered and many more.

Exception Reporting

Being able to gain a competitive advantage, companies need to have their Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and key reports in place. Through exception reporting, products that need special attention can easily be identified and the user alerted of any gaps. This aids in keeping companies on track when attaining their strategic goals.

The AGR Dynamics software eliminates excess costs from supply chains by determining expected future demand and optimising inventory levels to ensure maximum availability with minimum capital tied up in stock.

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